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ON PAR WITH THE BEST. Our Trainers and teachers at the amiea Academy

Here we present our internationally successful Master Trainers. Perhaps it will inspire you to go ahead and book a place at a masterclass or training session? Have a look into our training calendar and book today your class.

Group of PMU-Artists in a class of the amiea Academy


Each of our trainers has many years of experience as an artist and trainer; they all regularly undergo further training and want to keep improving. We receive glowing feedback from our students and this makes us want to continue on this quality trajectory. As a result, we have come together to create the amiea community – a network made up of the most creative and successful artists.

a woman is training a class for the amiea Academy: Elena Nikora, international Master Trainer Group of young PMU-students in a class of amiea Academy


If you are considering beginning your career as a permanent makeup artist or want to undergo intensive further training then you have come to the right place. You can only enjoy true success and earn the admiration that you deserve with the right training.

We provide three different levels of trainer to match your level of expertise: 




The amiea National Trainers based in your home country will help you lay the foundations for your success.


amiea International Trainers at the next level work at the global level and must have three years of practical international work experience before they can earn the sought-after title “Master”.


Learning from International Master Trainers means learning from the very best. They have at least five years’ experience combined with special talent and are, therefore, real artists who share their knowledge across the globe. They speak at specialist international congresses and are sought-after experts for exclusive treatments. You can meet them in person here, at the amiea academy, at our trade fairs and summits. They share their expertise at special masterclasses.

Grab this opportunity and attend one of their training sessions, which we organize as part of our academy. Or take a look to see which events you can meet them at near you.


Do you want to lay the foundations for an international careerDo you want to earn admiration and prestige as an amiea National Trainer? Do you long for fame and an extraordinary lifestyle?

If you already have five years’ experience as an artist, send us your portfolio today with before and after photos as well as evidence of healed treatments. And don’t forget to include a short video (1 to 5 minutes) in which you introduce yourself and explain why you want to be a trainer for amiea. You don’t need to create a professional video, your smartphone will suffice. Just make sure you share your enthusiasm and inspire us with your work, your dedication and your motivation!


What we need for your application to be an amiea National Trainer:


  • Resume/CV
  • Information about your qualifications, experience and specializations
  • Short video
  • Portfolio containing 10 before/after/healed photos (high-resolution!) of eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and other treatments where applicable.


Please email all of this toe.nikora@amiea.com


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