Quality Made in Germany


Pure Beauty, Long lasting true results!

Our organic DEEP pigments introduce you to the next colour generation of permanent make-up. Experience unrivalled precision and control for flawless, long-lasting results that perfectly match your individual vision.


DEEP is the further development of our well-proven ORGANICLINE eyebrow colors. The purely organic formulated pigments feature six new striking shades, specially tailored for dark skin tones. With less carbon black and no titanium dioxide, guaranteeing both true PMU color tones and longevity without color shift. The high concentration of organic pigments and the improved viscosity let the pigments flow easily into the skin, saving you extra passes and ensuring a perfect implantation. DEEP fulfills your demands, delivering intense and long-lasting results.          
Whether using our specialized cartridges or standard needles, DEEP's optimized texture and slow-drying properties will save you even more time in every application.

DEEP at a glance:

  • Special pigment line for darker skin tones
  • Stable healing without any shift of color
  • Optimized and quick pigment implantation due to improved color flow
  • Pure organic formulation
  • Free of Titanium Dioxide and with a reduces amount of carbon black
  • Higher color density
  • Long lasting in the skin
  • Perfect for shading
  • REACH compliant    

DEEP - eyebrow pigments

Warm Medium

Medium Brown

Warm Dark

Dark Brown

Extra Dark

Intense Dark