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Two different amiea accessories, control pen and a soft laser and pen, on a grey background

amiea accessories

Little helpers for a perfect result


We have developed all the accessories you need to be able to work perfectly and precisely. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in micropigmentation – you will benefit from our little helpers.

amiea accessories

amiea accessory drawing pen, on a grey background


The rotating felt tip mixes the colors in the pigment cup. You can use the pen to sketch eyebrows, lips or eyelids on your client using the original amiea colors.
 Battery-powered, sterilized single-use felt tips.

amiea ontrol pen/soft laser on a grey background


We recommend the Control Pen for beginners, especially for work on the eyebrows and eye area:
 Guide it over the skin to reveal non-treated areas. Thus, you can reduce the number of reworking appointments.


amiea foot pedal on a grey background


Lightweight and robust, simple and convenient to use. The perfect addition to any amiea system.

Permanent Makeup – The Essential Steps to become an Artist

"Permanent makeup" book from amiea International Master Trainers Toni Belfatto, in cooperation with Elena Nikora, Olga Kravchenko and Sara Lopez.


International Master Trainer Toni Belfatto teamed up with Elena Nikora, Olga Kravchenko and Sara Lopez to summarize all of the industry’s expertise for newcomers to PMU. amiea's comprehensive manual for permanent makeup is also suitable as a refresher for experienced artists.

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