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Trainer with the patience of an angel

„No questions should be left open“

Sonja Laake has been teaching for almost 30 years with a lot of patience as well as the necessary severity so you can make the best out of your training. Her combination of work experience with the latest techniques makes her one of the most competent teachers. She has been teaching as an International Master Trainer at amiea since 2009.

Portrait of Sonja Laaken, International Trainer

Sonja Laake, amiea International Master Trainer

'A pleasure to watch the day-to-day process of my students.'

Why did you start your career as PMU artist?

I just fell in love with this craft, which can give long-lasting beauty. My preferences are eyebrows and lips as natural as possible. But still, my customers do have the final say.


What do you love in the amiea brand?

Choosing amiea as a partner for me was simple, because I found the best devices available on the market. My Linelle Supreme is most precise and reliable. It makes it almost easy to achieve great results in micropigmentation. I love it! Not to forget the Nano cartridges, especially the NT-line. Finest hair strokes ever!


What do you love about teaching?

It simply gives me pleasure to watch the day-to-day process of my students. In the beginning, they have a lot of overconfidence but later quickly realize that there are a lot of techniques, knowledge, patience and extreme concentration behind this work. The most beautiful moment for me is when the upcoming fear of pigmentation on a person gradually turns into pure excitement.


How would you describe your teaching style?

In the basic course, I accompany my students step by step through the complex craft of micro pigmentation. They must be informed about the smallest detail of their new work and no questions should be left open. In addition, there is a lot of carrots and, if needed, a little bit of stick.


Feedback of her students

„The training is competent and honest. Even though honesty sometimes hurts, it is for the best interests of the student. Mrs. Laake has the patience of an angel, she doesn’t hold back secrets and shares her collective knowledge. A training with heart and mind.“

Anja S., Germany (training 1991)

“Mrs. Laake explains difficult subjects, so that they are easy to understand. She feeds the students with all the knowledge, that is necessary and more, to become a good and responsible micropigmentation artist.”

Vikki C., Hongkong (training 2012)

„Mrs. Laake makes it possible to explain a complex topic in an understandable and clear way. All questions were answered clearly. In my opinion, her strength is dealing individually with every participant - you feel extremely comfortable!“

O. (training 2017)