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Step into a groundbreaking era of permanent makeup with our revolutionary EVO 2 eyebrow pigments. Experience absolute control of your healed results.


EVO 2 ensures true colors from application to healed results, now also covering a broader Fitzpatrick spectrum for darker skin tones. Our mineral-based hybrid formulation, an evolution of our acclaimed EVOLUTIONLINE, blends organic and inorganic pigments with a higher contrast and color intensity, alongside corrective elements, ensuring enduring color stability. No fear of color shifts over time — No need of corrective pigments!

EVO 2 at a glance:

  • Stable healing without any shift of color
  • No need of corrective pigments after healing
  • New intense color shades for darker skin tones
  • Mineral-based hybrid formulation: Inorganic with a drop of organic stabilizers
  • Higher contrast and opacity compared to other pigments
  • Free of TiO2 and Azo pigments: No gray or red healing, non-whitening effect
  • Easier pigment implantation, improved flow
  • Crisp lines
  • REACH compliant

Elevate your artistry with EVO 2 PMU-Pigments

EVO 2 eyebrow pigments are also a game changer when it comes to the way you work. Its high pigment concentration provides an increased color opacity to save you the extra passes. The new formulation also has an improved color viscosity for perfect implantation. They were designed to flow easily on ultra-precise needles and for our Capillary and Flow Cartridges in mind, which combined will save you even more time.

Whether using our specialized cartridges or standard needles, EVO 2's optimized texture and slow-drying properties will save you even more time in every application.

EVO 2 - Eyebrow Pigments

Warm Blond



Warm Medium

Medium Brown

Ash Brown

Warm Dark

Dark Brown

Extra Dark

Intense Dark