amiea Linelle Precise

The amiea micropigmentation system always contains a control unit and a perfectly fitting handpiece. The control unit amiea Linelle with its clear and light design is perfect for every modern beauty salon. The device has a digital display for easy operation – especially during a treatment. The special outer casing guarantees easy and hygienic cleaning. amiea Linelle has two ports for handpieces and also one for a laser device.

Highlights & Key Facts

  • digital display
  • hygenic, easy to clean surface
  • high precision
  • highest power & needle speed
  • extremely low noise
  • ports for two handpieces
  • port for laser device
  • compatible for handpiece Precise and Supreme
Technical Data amiea Linelle control unit
Rated voltage100 – 240V AC/15V DC
Frequency50-60 Hz (50-150 hits / sec)
Power input7 VA max
Width x height x depth261 x 89 x 219 mm
Weight900 g

Handpiece amiea Precise

The handpiece amiea Precise fascinates through its precision. Ideal for working on extra-fine hair strokes and perfect contours. amiea Precise is compatible with the latest generation of extra-long needle cartridges for achieving highest safety. Like all amiea needle cartridges, they contain an inlaying membrane to avoid any back flow of color or liquids. The cartridges cover 2/3 of the handpiece. As usual for amiea handpieces, the needle depth is easily adjustable while operating. amiea Precise has a comfortable grip. The center of gravity within the handpiece lies in the middle of the pen. The handpiece is therefore balanced and your work is stable and steady.
Technical Data amiea Precise handpiece
Capacity1.1 W
Frequency50 – 150 hits/second
Weight 60 g
Diameter20 mm
Pen length with cartridge180 mm
Pen length without cartridge125 mm
Cable length2 m

Highlights & Key Facts

  • amiea’s most precise handpiece
  • perfect for fine hair strokes
  • widest selection of amiea needle cartridges
  • adjustable penetration depths
  • adjustment of frequency
  • safety needle cartridge
  • highest precision
  • highest power & needle speed
  • low noise
  • low vibration
  • lightweight handpiece
  • 2-year-warranty