Perfectly Adjusted

Our production facilities are the heart of MT.DERM. Near our headquarters in Berlin, we built a 5.200 m² factory that houses all of our high-tech machinery and specialized equipment. From design to programming and assembly, every step is carefully planned and continuously improved to achieve the best output.

Our dedicated employees work together as a team to ensure a smooth production and workflow. Regular training and the recruitment of expert staff are other key reasons why our products are of such high quality.

No parts are released from our production facilities without rigorous inspection.


The Reward For Our Efforts

logo terma testamiea colors have been tested and were awarded the “excellent“ grade regarding development of sensitizing.

logo tüv südISO 9001: The standard for quality management systems

logo CEOur devices comply with all relevant guidelines.

logo resAPamiea colors comply with European Resolution ResAP(2008)1.


Always One Step Ahead

Through the years, MT.DERM has filed a large number of international granted patents. Below is an extract of patents and patent applications relevant to micropigmentation:

US 6,505,530 & US 6,345,553Disposable module system. Combination of needle and protective cap in one unitary sterilized disposable module for more safety
EP 1958659Drive module for a hand-operated device to minimize noise and vibration
EP 1495782Disposable module system. Special design with more integrated parts in the disposable module
EP 1743673 Sensi-Drive®: measures the skin resistance and adjusts the frequency
EP 1618915 & US 8,029,527Disposable cartridge with integrated membrane
EP 1882492Measurement of the thickness of the epidermis and automatic adjustment of the piercing depth
EP 1882491 & US 8,236,021Ink chamber
EP 1107724Tattoo Ink
EP 21499388 & US 8,414,531Mechanism to couple the needle module at the drive module
EP 1872823 & US 8,668,663Automatic identification of the needle configuration by the device
EP 2392842 & US 8,770,542Valve for injecting substances into the skin
EP 2463979Tiltable needle plates which adjust herself to the skin surface
US 8,518,071Measurement of the skin resistance and adjustment of the frequency