Our systems for micropigmentation are state of the art products that fulfill all expectations on technology and usability, precision, hygiene and design. To make your business more profitable and for you to provide a unique service to your clients.

amiea systems for micropigmentation are superior quality – Made in Germany.


amiea sense is a smart and powerful machine. It is fully computerized. It recognizes and displays any attached amiea handpiece and cartridge. Its most innovative feature is the patented „sensidrive“ function, which measures the skin resistance and adapts the needle frequency accordingly.

Linelle Precise

linelle is the flexible device to choose, for both beginners and experienced micropigmentists. linelle is the only amiea device that is compatible with two different amiea handpieces. Work with linelle precise for incredibly accurate results.

Linelle Supreme

We combined German top technology and longstanding permanent makeup expertise to create amiea linelle supreme. The intuitive base station with its electronic control ensures absolute precision.


With a special focus on design and aesthetics, facile is the eye-catcher in every professional cosmetic studio.

Linelle Two

amiea linelle two uses German precision engineering to make permanent makeup safe and easy. The ergonomic pen fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for secure, precise work.

Symphony One

Many aestheticians prefer working with a minimalistic device like symphony one, especially when micropigmentation is not the core business of their studio.


Choose from the basic to the extravagant

sense permanent makeup machine

Our devices for micropigmentation are certified high-end products that fulfill superior requirements on technology and usability, medical aspects, precision, hygiene and design. For any range of service, for every need and for all beauticians who want to freely unfold their creativity and potential. amiea handpieces are pure quality, made in Germany.


All handpieces are made of aluminum to meet the highest standards of sterility and hygiene. These are supported by the sterile, disposable amiea needle cartridges, which can only be used with the original amiea handpieces. Another big advantage is their flexibility during application. During the working process, the needle depth can be easily adjusted, without interrupting the operation. All amiea handpieces impress with ergonomic designs and are therefore very comfortable to hold, hour-byhour, day-by-day.