amiea Symphony I

This device is our most basic but still professional micropigmentation system. amiea Symphony I offers reliable and satisfying results. Many technicians prefer to work with a minimalist device like amiea Symphony I, especially when micropigmentation is not the core business of their studio.
amiea Symphony I is easily controllable through a foot pedal with a needle frequency up to ca. 130.

The device consist only of a foot pedal and the amiea symphony handpiece. There is no control unit to operate.
It is also low in noise and vibration in comparism to other products on the market. The range of compatible needle configurations is absolutely sufficient for offering any kind of micropigmentation treatment.

The most basic micropigmentation system in our portfolio and yet totally professional.

Highlights & Key Facts

  • easy to handle no control unit only foot pedal
  • lightest and smallest amiea handpiece
  • adjustable needle depths
  • ergonomic grip
Technical Data amiea Symphony handpiece
Capacity1.1 W
Frequency50-140 hits/second
Weight50 g
Diameter20.5 mm
Pen length with cartridge165 mm
Pen length without cartridge127 mm
Cabel length2 m