amiea Sense

Reduce retouches!

amiea Sense is a highly perfected micropigmentation device offering everything that experts need. It is a smart and very powerful instrument with computerized operation. As soon as a cartridge is attached to the handpiece, the cartridge is recognized and displayed on the touchscreen.

Furthermore the device recommends frequency and SensiDrive® settings. For example if a 1-micro needle cartridge is attached, Sense will recommend the settings for hair drawing of eyebrows.

SensiDrive® measures skin resistance and adapts the needle frequency accordingly.

Depending on your procedure (e.g. lips or eyebrows, shading or contouring, etc.), you can choose between different operation modes. All modes can be set in advance and adjusted manually at any time during the working process:

Trust amiea Sense. We Do!
2-year-warranty for our state-of-the-art device!

SOFT MODE (SensiDrive® set on -2 or -1):

The needle frequency slows down when lower skin resistance of softer skin is measured. This is optimal for soft shading of areola or lips.

NEUTRAL MODE (SensiDrive® set on 0):

Sense is constantly operating on the same needle frequency, regardless of the skin resistance. The neutral mode is recommended for all regular pigmentation techniques.

POWER MODE (SensiDrive® set on +1 or +2):

Sense increases the needle frequency when the SensiDrive® function measures more resistance on harder or thicker skin. This is especially recommended for lining techniques such as hair strokes and lip contours; the power mode allows for precise and very accentuated lines.

Highlights & Key Facts


  • measurement of skin resistance
  • automatic power adjustment
  • predefined procedure settings
  • hygienic touch screen
  • recognition of cartridges
  • 2-year-warranty
SensiDrive® function

The innovative SensiDrive® adjusts the frequency depending on the surface/resistance of the treated area. Pigments are placed exactly at the right depth, which reduces the number of retouches.

Our technology for a better grip

The cartridge covers 2/3 of the handpiece. Therefore there is no need to attach a barrier film to the grip area. Cartridges are available in a wide selection of different configurations. See all configurations here.

Conventional technology

With conventional methods, the needle does not penetrate the skin in the right depth. Pigments are therefore placed unevenly due to different conditions of skin surface and resistance. Pigments, which are not in the right depth, are washed out of the skin. More retouches are required.

Technical Data amiea Sense control unit
Rated voltage15V DC
Frequency50 Hz (50-150 hits/second)
Power input45 VA max
Width x height x depth261 x 89 x 219 mm
Weight900 g
Warranty2 years
  • laser attachable
  • timer
  • highest precision
  • adjustable penetration depths
  • adjustment of frequency
  • pre-setting of treatment
  • safety needle cartridge
  • highest power & needle speed
  • low noise
  • lowest vibration
  • lightweight handpiece

Handpiece amiea Sense

The heart of SensiDrive® technology

The amiea Sense handpiece is the heart of the computerized Sense system. It contains the SensiDrive® sensor and continuously sends all measured data to the control unit.

What exactly is SensiDrive® technology?

The sensor measures the resistance of the skin’s surface during the entry of the needles into the skin. The handpiece transmits the measured resistance to the control unit. The control unit adjusts the needle frequency automatically whenever a change in resistance occurs.

Technical Data amiea Sense handpiece
Capacity1.1 W
Frequency50 – 150 hits/second
Weight 60 g
Diameter20 mm
Pen length with cartridge180 mm
Pen length without cartridge125 mm
Cable length2 m

Highlights & Key Facts

  • amiea’s most precise handpiece
  • perfect for fine hair strokes
  • widest selection of amiea needle configurations
  • adjustable penetration depths
  • adjustment of frequency
  • safety needle cartridge
  • highest precision
  • highest power & needle speed
  • low noise
  • low vibration
  • lightweight handpiece