amiea Linelle II

The amiea device Linelle II is lightweight and very easy to operate. It provides all the essentials. This basic, reliable device for micropigmentation is perfect for professionals who offer mobile services to other salons.

amiea Linelle II is a moderate investment with a big return.
Simple, safe and smart.

Highlights & Key Facts

  • lighweight device
  • ideal for mobile services
  • adjustable penetration depths
  • adjustable frequency
  • safety needle cartridge
  • high precision
  • highest power & needle speed
  • low noise
  • low vibration
  • small and lightweight handpiece
Technical Data amiea Linelle II control unit
Rated voltage100 – 240V AC/15V DC
Frequency50 Hz (50-140 hits/second)
Power input8 VA
Width x height x depth100 x 45 x 140 mm
Handpiece amiea Symphony
This handpiece is for all perfectionists who want to work without any disturbance. Compared to other pens on the market it is also low in noise and vibration. The available needle configuration is absolutely sufficient for any micropigmentation treatment.
Technical Data amiea Symphony handpiece
Capacity1.1 W
Frequency50-140 hits/second
Weight50 g
Diameter20.5 mm
Pen length with cartridge165 mm
Pen length without cartridge127 mm
Cabel length2 m

Highlights & Key Facts

  • lightest and smallest amiea handpiece
  • adjustable needle depths
  • ergonomic grip